ʻĀINA In Schools

Waste Reduction

The ‘ĀINA In Schools Waste Reduction component reduces, reuses and recycles waste in gardens, schoolyards, cafeterias, and classrooms. Materials that would otherwise be thrown away become useful—and free—resources for the school!

Grade Level Focus: Entire School and/or clubs; 3rd grade focuses on composting and vermicomposting; Upper grades take the lead on recycling collection and analysis, including audits of school waste.

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Educational Offerings

  • TheKōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation 3R’s School Recycling Program provides recycling collection bins, orientation materials, resource guides, and other support to schools. Participating ʻĀINA Schools are strongly encouraged to integrate this program.
  • ʻĀINA In Schools Composting Curriculum designed for grade 3. Lessons focus on aerobic composting, vermicomposting, and bokashi and can be taught by teachers and/or volunteer docents.
  • KHF Resource Guides on aerobic composting and vermicomposting are available for schools. A school-wide composting system is strongly encouraged in conjunction with a school garden in order to reuse onsite resources to sustain soil health.
  • Waste Audit resource guides, kits and consultation by KHF staff are available to support schools in conducting cafeteria waste audits where students measure lunch-time waste and create waste reduction plans specific to their school needs.

Getting Involved & Learning More

  • Download resources on composting,waste free lunches,waste audits and more at www.kokuahawaiifoundation.org/resources.
  • Check out the Plastic Free Schools and 3R’s School Recycling Program pages on our website for additional resources.
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