ʻĀINA In Schools

ʻĀINA Schools

Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation staff currently works directly with ʻĀINA Teams at 15 Oʻahu elementary schools to implement the ʻĀINA In Schools program. In 2013 an additional 21 teachers from 12 schools attended our Garden-Based Learning and Nutrition Education trainings and will be bringing these lessons to their students this year.

While we are not currently accepting applications for new participating schools in the program, any school or educator may utilize the many resources we have available, including ʻĀINA In Schools curricula, trainings, resource guides, workshops, KHF Project Grants, and KHF Field Trip Grants.

Mililani Uka Elementary School

Mililani, Oʻahu

Mililani Uka started the ʻĀINA In Schools program in 2012, with an enthusiastic group of school staff and parents taking the lead to implement a strong program. The school has also hosted a Recycling Drive and created environmental education programming with the support of Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Mini-Grants.

Program Participation
  • Worm Harvesting
Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition Lessons
Garden-Based Learning
  • Garden Lessons
Healthy Food on Campus
  • Food Day Celebration Health Snacks
Agricultural Literacy
  • Farm Field Trip, 2013
  • Chef Visit and Cooking Demonstrations, 2013
Waste Reduction
  • Aloha ʻĀina Recycling Drive, May 2013
Family and Community Outreach
  • ʻĀINA Team recruits parent volunteers at school events
  • ʻĀINA Family Night, 2012-13