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Delicious on-the-dash Dishes

August 22, 2017
By: Stephanie Loui, ʻĀINA In Schools Program Cooridnator

School is back in session and that means students (and parents) are settling back into the lunch-packing, celebration-planning, and on-the-go snack preparation that comes with it. In need of a culinary revamp? Consider ways you can incorporate healthy, fresh, and close to the source snacks and meals into the daily routine. 

For a 5 minute fix, look for snacks with minimal processing and maximum quality. Homemade trail mixes that include nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and whole grain granola make for an easy to munch, on the go snack. Add a little unsweetened yogurt with honey to the mix and you have a ready to go breakfast!

In 10 minutes or less, load a whole grain tortilla wrap or rice paper with raw grated veggies like carrots and beets, sliced cucumber, sprouts, and seeds. Smear on some pesto, hummus, or a simple dressing and it’s a wrap!

For classroom celebrations slice up a rainbow of fresh, local fruits and make fruit kabobs! Squeeze a little lemon or other citrus to prevent browning and add brightness. Test out themed fruit platters like a watermelon-o-lantern for Halloween or create a fruit “cake” with stacked fruits, yogurt “frosting” and berries for decoration. For more ideas, check out our Healthy Snacks & Waste-Free Classroom Celebration Resource Guide.

Delicious Desserts can be blended up in minutes and placed in the freezer to make sweet sorbets and popsicles. For a low-cost and delicious “banana sorbet”, blend slightly defrosted banana chunks, soy milk or 100% juice, and yogurt (optional) until smooth. Freeze the sorbet, either whole or in popsicle trays and serve. Test out local variants like unstrained lilikoi pulp and enjoy the crunchy seeds and bonus fiber.

These are just a few healthy and easy ideas check out ……. For more delicious on-the-dash dishes ideas!