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Hawaiʻi Foam Ban Update

March 22, 2018
By: Doorae Shin, Plastic Free Hawaiʻi, Program Manager

On Friday, March 16, there was another hearing for SB2498, which would ban foam foodware from our islands. The widespread support and turnout were an incredible success, with 500 individuals, restaurants, businesses in support and the usual 4-5 business/industry representatives in opposition. Because of years of persistence and passion, this bill has made it further than ever before in past years! However, we must take action to keep the bill alive. See our blog for an easy way to help.

However, this bill was amended to have a defective date, so even if it passes its next hearing, it will still have to go to a conference committee, where backroom bargaining takes place, which could easily kill or weaken the bill. Because of lobbying from industry, many representatives are hesitant to pass the bill, so we must take action to keep the bill alive.

Step 1:
Make sure SB2498 gets heard. Send e-mails to the Finance Community: Rep. Sylvia Luke (Chair) & Rep. Ty Cullen (Vice Chair). Send the email to: [email protected], [email protected]

Sample E-mail Below:

Aloha Chair Luke, Vice Chair Cullen, and members of the the FIN & EEP Committee,

I am writing to urge you to hear SB 2498 in the Finance committee, and also return it to its effective introduction date and full form. Chair Lee, please finish your committee report and let the public see the amendments immediately. The amendments of the past committees were an assault on public opinion that was swayed by the continued pressure from business and money interests that have no interest in protecting the public trust, our future generations, or the millions of others who rely on a healthy environment. We continue to witness a system in which those who can pour money into the legislature trump the hundreds of voices who take time out of their work and school schedules to participate. There has not been a single individual on the public record opposing this bill (except the one who actually supported it, but clicked the wrong button).

(Include here personal stories/observations and why foam needs to be eliminated)

With Aloha,
(Your Name / Affiliation)

Step 2:
CALL CALL CALL Rep. Sylvia Luke (808-586-6200), the Chair of the Finance Committee and ask for a meeting to offset what she is hearing from lobbyists. Young people and restaurant representatives are important!