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Hawaiian Garden Huli Harvest!

September 24, 2018
By: Stephanie Loui


Mahalo to our amazing network of docents for attending the first ʻĀINA in Schools training of the year! Over the last two weeks, garden, compost and nutrition docents attended regional trainings with their ʻĀINA teams to receive curricula, lesson materials, and teaching tips to start the year off strong with lessons happening throughout our 23 partner schools.

For schools participating in the 4th grade Hawaiian Garden curriculum, huli deliveries are happening this month with ʻĀINA staff working hard to harvest, prepare, label and deliver huli all over the island. A rainbow of unique lau, hā, and ʻiʻo kalo, this year’s huli come from the robust and thriving collection curated by Waimea Valley. To the casual viewer, the differences amongst kalo varieties may not be easy to spot. For kalo practitioners who spend significant time tending, preparing, and teaching about kalo, every detail matters.

4th grade students at ʻĀINA schools will plant up to three kalo varieties to be tended over the next seven to nine months. Throughout the school year, students will also plant ʻuala, ʻulu, kī, and a variety of endemic and indigenous native plants as space allows. Students will learn about the cultural and culinary values of canoe crops and medicinal plants, culminating in a harvest and tasting along with a kuʻi demonstration from a local practitioner.

A big mahalo to Waimea Valley and the Kalo & ʻAwa Festival for sharing over 15 varieties to provide to ‘ĀINA schools!