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Jack Johnson Celebrates Food Revolution Day

May 16, 2014
By: Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson, musician and co-founder of the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation, harvesting kalo with 4th graders at a recent ‘AINA In Schools garden lesson.

I love the idea behind Food Revolution Day because it gets kids and families excited to cook together and try out new recipes and especially to incorporate the freshest local food and ingredients. I’m not a master chef but my wife calls me the “snack master” because I try to come up with creative and healthy snacks that my kids enjoy. One of our favorites we call the "PB Veggie Wrap" so I’ve shared the recipe below for others to try out. As a musician traveling the world, we also encourage each venue to source food from their local farms to grow those connections and support sustainable local food systems.  Through our All At Once community, we have built up an amazing network of non-profits working to promote healthy food in schools, build school gardens, and grow farm to school programs. This Food Revolution Day I encourage you to try a new cooking recipe with your kids and connect with a local non-profit working to help young people make healthy choices about food.

PB Veggie Wrap Recipe:
Spread some unsweetened natural peanut butter on a tortilla. Add any fresh veggies and herbs you can find at your local farmers market. My favorites are carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, celery, lettuce, and basil or cilantro.  Wrap it up and enjoy with your kids!