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Kahala Elementary - Bottle Cap Challenge

March 23, 2014
By: Maureen Flanagan, Teacher

As you can see we have been having fun with the Hawaii School Bottle Cap Collection Challenge here at Kahala Elementary School.

My name is Maureen Flanagan, I am a fifth grade teacher at Kahala and my class took on the Bottle Cap Collection as a class project.  Not only do the students sort the bottle caps each week but they have also become an advertising/marketing company to spread the word to their community.  The students brainstormed what locations/business to reach out to for support. Using a script they wrote, a team of students cold called businesses asking if we could drop off collection containers.  Another set of students learned how to design, using Power Point, the signs that went on the containers to inform people what caps were acceptable.  To keep the excitement going throughout the school the students announce reminders every day during lunch and we even had a contest to guess how many pounds we have collected so far.  This past weekend we volunteered at the Honolulu Zoo unscrewing caps from the zoo's recycling collection, we saved the zoo many man hours and the money they collect from the bottles goes to the preservation of the animals.

I have attached some pictures of what we have been up to, I hope you enjoy them. 

"Student cleaning caps"

"Students sorting caps"

"All bagged up"

"Ready to go"