Kōkua Learning FarmRaiser

Mahalo to everyone who supported the Kōkua Learning FarmRAISER! We are so excited to bring the farm to life and create a thriving space for plants and farmers of all ages!

Click the hearts below to explore the Kōkua Learning Farm:


Constructed Native Wetland $2,500

This area of the Kōkua Learning Farm will be a crucial space to help filter run-off from Haleʻiwa town as it flows onto the farm. It will be full of native wetland plants like ʻahuʻawa, ʻakaʻakai, makaloa and more which will help attract more native birds and insects as well. Help us transform this area into a thriving native wetland habitat!

Mahalo to  The Angelo Family Charitable Foundation, Armand Erpf, Clementine Fund, Hawaʻii Community Foundation, Honuʻapo, John J. Moller Family Foundation, Johnson ʻOhana, Louis & Flori Petri, Mr. Gregory Koonce & Ms. Linda Cartwright, Planet Earth, Red Panda LLC, Ross & Terri Reed and all of our Anonymous Contributors for supporting the Constructed Native Wetland Tier!

Loʻi $1,000

Your support of the loʻi area will help with the earthworks involved in reestablishing our wetlands! Our Caretaker, Daniel Rodriguez, is an 8th generation Haleʻiwa resident. He grew up listening to his grandmother’s stories of walking through the loʻi which spread across the majority of what is now Haleʻiwa town. Help us to recreate an abundant loʻi patch at the Kōkua Learning Farm!

Mahalo to  EHW Broadbent Foundation, Hamamoto Family, Jeremy & Hoku Clements, McCabe, Hamilton & Renny Co., Mr. Joseph Geoffrey Hook, Richard Orgell Family Foundation, Sprecher 'Ohana and all of our Anonymous Contributors for supporting the Loʻi Tier!

Native Trees $500.00

Our goal for the Kōkua Learning Farm is to plant as many natives as we can! Native trees will live throughout the property but especially in our Hawaiian Garden area. We hope with the establishment of more native trees, we’ll see more native wildlife come to our Haleʻiwa ecosystem and learn more from our kūpuna about the cultural significance and uses of these native trees and plants!

Mahalo to  Bark ʻOhana, Blaine & Cecilia Kahoonei, Fernandez ʻOhana, Gregory & Anna Mackenzie, Hamasaki & Henderson ʻOhana, In honor of Dez Naupaka Kuahiwi Carter, Kapa Nui Nails, Keoni Hebert ʻOhana, Malia & CJ Aberin, Margaret & Mark Morgans, Margaret McCay, Planet+Purpose Solutions PBC, Rammer Family and all of our Anonymous Contributors for supporting the Native Tree Tier!

Fruit Trees $250

The Orchard will be a place of learning and growth with an abundance of fruit trees. Help us plant, cultivate, and share the knowledge and importance of growing fruit trees for all who visit the Kōkua Learning Farm for generations to come.

Mahalo to Balding ʻOhana, Cattell ʻOhana, Clovis ʻOhana, In Honor of Ed Clovis, Dave Homcy Sr., Drake & Linda Beil, EM Hawaiʻi LLC.,Farid Mosher, Forrest ʻOhana, Gronek ʻOhana, Gwew & Danny Newell, Hānai Hives, Henry & Gus Malloy, In Honor of St. Clement's School, In Memory of Ritchie Pannicucci, Kaeo & Donna Peart, Kevin Chow, Kylie Matsuda- Lum & Judah Lum, LeConte ʻOhana, Mark & Angela Sidlow, Meechan ʻOhana, In Honor of Carolyn Hodge, Oʻahu Fresh, Piper & Flash, Ronald Baker, Ruth Holmberg, Richard Pezzulo, Sasha & Ruka Nakai, Spencer & Emily Campbell, Steve Villiger, Alden/Chen Family, Moritz ʻOhana, The Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Community, Todd & Wendy Erskine, Wenstrom ʻOhana, Pere ʻOhana and all of our Anonymous Contributors for supporting the Fruit Tree Tier!

Plants $100

We grow a wide variety of edible plants, canoe plants, and herbs on the Kōkua Learning Farm to share with our ʻĀINA In Schools partner schools and educators. Your contribution will  help us bring more plants, not only to our farm, but also to ʻĀINA Schools across the island!

Mahalo to Branden & Val, David & Ann, Debi Kelly, Destiny & Oakley Davis, E.J. Jacobs, Green Family, Hanson ʻOhana, Heilman ʻOhana, In Honor of Ben Beverly, In Honor of Mike Sabatini, The Magad-Weiss Family in Memory of Eugene Magad,  In Honor of My Husband , Jkaya, Kevin Cheesman, Kim & Michael Corona, Leinau ʻOhana, Nancy Hoffman & Bruce Casler, Nass ʻOhana, Paige & Shannon, Pema, Ros, Cord & Westley Hegan, Perkins ʻOhana (Mike, Kim, Mia & Cody), Pezzulo Family, Roeder ʻOhana, Rosie Warfield, Seitz ʻOhana, Shanley ʻOhana, Shindo Tsai, In Honor of Yozo Shindo, Stacy Lippincott , Sue Cortés, Suzanne Sophocles, Eick ʻOhana, Tybuszewski/Nguyen ʻOhana, Weston Yap, Yamashita-Allan Family, In Honor of Hungry Ear Records, Yuki Inoue and all of our Anonymous Contributors for supporting the Seedling Tier!

Seedlings $25

Help us sprout more seedlings and future farmers at the Kōkua Learning Farm! With your contribution we’ll be able to purchase seeds which our farm interns will propagate into seedlings to plant on the farm. This is a gift of nourishment: as the seedlings grow, we’ll grow with them and share the food they produce with our community!

Mahalo to Brenda Truskin, Fitzsimmons, Hagmann ʻOhana, Hahn ʻOhana, In Memory of Trudy Wada, In Honor of the kupa ʻāina ō Waialua, Iris & Shade In Honor of Papa, Jennifer Lee, Johnson ʻOhana, Kawela Farrant, Kevin Armstrong, Olson ʻOhana, Mark & Paula Nokes, Nagy ʻOhana, Reagan Clark, Samantha Clark, Sara Clark, Ryan Clark, Scott & Kary Craven, Sojot ʻOhana, Sumida ʻOhana, Thatcher Johnson, Trevino Family, Wendy Bernier and all of our Anonymous Supporters for supporting the Seedling Tier