Kōkua Learning FarmRaiser 2022

Mahalo to everyone who supported our 2022 Kōkua Learning FarmRASIER! We successfully raised over $100,000 to support  6 new areas of the farm. With your support, we will create a thriving space for plants and farmers of all ages to actively support and learn about their local food systems. Let’s Get Growing!





In-Vessel Compost Unit Tier $5,000 +

Help us bring an In-Vessel Compost machine to the Kōkua Learning Farm! Your contribution at the Compost Tier will go towards the $100,000 needed to bring this incredible machine to the farm. The compost machine can process up to 400 pounds of food scraps, and 600 pounds of mulch and green waste per day. Speeding up a process that typically takes 6-8 months, the system will provide us nutrient rich compost for the fam and community in only 3-4 weeks!

Our friends at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi partnered with Full Circle Farms to operate the first of its kind In-Vessel Compost facility in Hawaiʻi!  Your contribution at the Compost Tier will help create a network of composting machines across Oʻahu and offer waste solutions and nutrient rich compost to the Kōkua Learning Farm and the community!

Mahalo to… The Doon Family Fund, Kurt & Holden Daradics, Monitor Premiums, STG Partners, The Angelo Family, The Naktenis Family Foundation

Outdoor Learning Area $1,500 

We are building the Kōkua Learning Farm Outdoor Learning Area! This will be a special place on the farm where keiki, community and volunteers will gather. Your contribution at the Outdoor Learning Area tier will help with the materials and labor cost to build this gathering space.

Mahalo to… Anonymous, Atherton Family Foundation, Jeremy and Hoku Clements, Ledbetter Family Foundation, Louis & Flori Petri Foundation, M. Special Brewco, Red Panda LLC, Snyder Family

Hawaiian Garden Tier $600

We are excited to bring canoe and native plants to the Hawaiian Garden section! We are partnering with Hui Kū Maoli Ola to plan and plant this area of the farm. This past year- and with the support of last yearʻs FarmRASIER contributors- we have worked to remove invasives, restore the soil and prep this area for native plants. We are now ready! Your contribution at the Hawaiian Garden Tier will help us make a planting plan and purchase the plants needed to create a thriving Hawaiian Garden area on the farm!

Mahalo to… Anonymous, Christ Church Uniting Disciples and Presbyterians, Darsha Lee, Diane Cotton, E.H.W. Broadbent Foundation, Erskine Ohana Charitable Fund, Hiʻipaka LLC Waimea Valley, Kawailoa Wind Fund (of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation), Marilyn Kuppe

Orchard Tier $300

Fruit trees, native trees, we love trees and are SO excited for our Agroforest! You can help us bring trees to the farm by supporting the Orchard Tier. Your $300 donation will bring trees to the farm and support the labor and love needed to grow our Orchard, planted in an agroforestry system. What is Agroforestry? This practice is the intentional mixing of trees and shrubs into crop production to create environmental, economic and social benefits! By planting a variety of native trees and shrubs, we hope to establish a thriving ecosystem for native plants, animals and insects to flourish. We have been partnering with Drew Wilkinson of Grow Fruit Hawaiʻi to develop and implement our agroforestry area!

Mahalo to… Amazing Pickle Wax Remover, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Ashleigh D’Amelio, BNY Mellon Company, Cattell Ohana, Garrett Clifford, In Honor of Minette & Kyle, In Honor of Yolanda Tristan & Patrick O'Bryan, Michael Aschieris, Planet+Purpose Solutions, PBC, Ronald Baker, Serendipity II Fund, Steve Villiger & Rosie Warfield, Wenstrom 'Ohana

Kalo Library $120

The Kalo Library is a very important area on the Kōkua Learning Farm! This section of the farm currently has 26 varieties of kalo growing. We use the Kalo Library to source huli for 4th grade classrooms across Oʻahu participating in our ‘ĀINA In Schools program. In 4th grade, ʻĀINA Schools teach the Hawaiian Garden Curriculum (learn more here.) Each 4th grade classroom receives 3 different varieties to learn about and grow in their school garden. We are excited for this space and ability to grow kalo and ‘ike to share with others! Your contribution of $120 at the Kalo Library Tier will support the maintenance, growth and labor needed to keep this special area thriving.

Mahalo to… Ai Tanaka and David Acklin, Anna Couch, Bridgette Bauman
Danner Ohana, David & Ann, Eick ʻOhana, Eric Elkind, Gilbert & Anne Hatter, Gronek Ohana, Hoala Fraiola, Jeanette Yasui, Judith Park, Kali Kasashima, Karen Shea, Okihiro-Quinn Ohana, Robbie Gilchrist, Sammy Shea, Sarah Colnic, Scott and Joyce Nanbara, Todd and Malia Withy, Ward & Rebecca, Wells Ohana & Yumi Graham

Pollinators Tier $60

Pollinators are the busiest and the most crucial workers on a farm! Help us teach keiki and all farm visitors about the importance of pollinators by contributing at the Pollinator Tier. Your $60 contribution at this tier will help bring flowers and diversified pollinator ecosystems to the farm, support the development of a Bee Observation Station, and bolster pollinator education in our community! The Bee Observation Station will allow visitors to learn about the amazing lifecycle of bees, how they pollinate our vegetables, trees, and flowers, and why bees are so crucial to life. You will be invited to a Community Workday focused on bee education & planting flowers with our amazing partner bee keeper Katie Metzger, Founder of Hānai Hives!

Mahalo to… Alan Schneider, Amy Smolen, Amy & Scott Tignac, Anonymous, Bridgette Bauman, Casey Sugarman, Colleen Saca, Cynthia Ramirez, Hanai Hives, In honor of Tutu and Grampsy Poh, Jackie Levin, John Lopez, Judy Mohr Peterson, Kristine Ginoza, Laure Womack, Osian Conley, Pyzel Family, Ramsay Siegal, Sabatini Ohana, Tami Stack

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    Checks are accepted and can be made payable and addressed to:
Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation
P.O. Box 866
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