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3R’s School Recycling

June 03, 2019


It’s been a great end of the school year for the 3Rs family. We were stoked to hear from Kanoelani Elementary, Damien Memorial, Maryknoll Middle, and Hālau Kū Mana Schools on the success of their recently-started classroom recycling programs. We love seeing new schools and their students embrace resource recovery and practice conservation measures in the day-to-day at school. May was also a special opportunity for the 3Rs School Recycling Program to join forces with the ʻĀINA team’s end of year meetings to cross promote our programs. Many schools take advantage of the opportunity to be both ʻĀINA and 3Rs Recycling schools, exposing their students to a wide range of conservation experiences. These meetings have been perfect for answering questions and educating on the comprehensive recycling available at Oʻahu DOE schools.


Assets School has been one of our most fruitful partnerships for the 3Rs and PFH programs this year. After a single presentation on the effects of single-use plastics on our planet and the importance of waste reduction through the 3Rs, students and staff were moved to take big action. In a few short weeks, of their own initiative, student teams took data, formed a recycling club, created a presentation, and made the case to the school principal to have recycling in every classroom. Other student teams created and constructed fully-operational games for students to play and be educated on plastic pollution. One student even designed a system for reusing and recycling the 3D printers’ scraps, making them available for other maker space projects, greatly reducing the waste from the innovation studio. We are so impressed with these inspiring students’ and teachers’ initiative, thoughtful design of projects, and motivation to tackle system change in their own school and communities.