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ʻĀINA Farm to School Field Trip for Educators: Ulupō Heiau and ʻĀINA School Keolu Elementary

March 07, 2017

Oʻahu educators joined us for our quarterly ʻĀINA Farm to School Field Trips for Educators on Saturday, February 4. This field trip included a visit to Ulupō Heiau, the largest agricultural heiau on Oʻahu. Its freshwater springs and the loʻi kalo of the area are a different side to Kailua not often seen or heard about. We heard several moʻolelo about Kawainui Fishpond and developed connections with caretakers Kaleo Wong and Maya Saffrey. Many teachers have already scheduled field trips to connect their students with this sacred place. Our second stop was Keolu Elementary where the Keolu ʻĀINA Team led a tour of their ʻĀINA In Schools gardens. We teamed up to build a garden shed, move garden boxes, and paint signs for their growing ʻĀINA gardens. ʻĀINA Farm to School Field Trips for Educators are fun and educational opportunities for educators, docents, and parents to visit ʻĀINA schools and field trip destinations that promote agricultural literacy.