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ʻĀINA In Schools Support for Distance Learning

October 01, 2020

Although this school year is a little different, the ʻĀINA staff is still here to support our ʻĀINA Schools in a variety of ways. Via our ʻĀINA resources, supplies and support survey our ʻĀINA School’s teachers have let us know how we can best support them this school year.
Here are some ways our ʻĀINA Schools have been incorporating ʻĀINA into distance learning:

Blanche Pope Elementary
Ms. Lily Utaʻi, Gr. 3 teacher from Blanche Pope Elementary School, distributed grow kits to her students which included kalo huli harvested from the Kōkua Learning Farm!

Haleiwa Elementary
As part of the schools rededication of their library to Pilialoha, Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation assisted in establishing a māla experiment! Five small plots of kalo were planted in different places around the entrance to see how they grow in different environments. Huli seen here were planted by a small group of students.

Kahuku Elementary
Garden Educator Flori has been laying the groundwork since August to provide virtual and hands-on garden learning opportunities. KHF staff was able to provide Flori with seeds, soil, and ʻĀINA learning supplies to distribute to student households to grow at home. Flori is also planting at the school so students can observe growth via virtual updates and recorded ʻĀINA Garden Lessons. We’re looking forward to seeing how their flowers, beans, and kalo grow over the next few weeks! In addition, the Kahuku Elementary weekly Garden Club will be starting their demonstration gardens for garden-based education through their ongoing blended learning classes. 

Waialua Elementary
Grade 3 teachers are hosting monthly ʻĀINA Compost Lessons with their favorite long time ‘ĀINA Compost Docent to keep students inspired to compost at home!

If you are a parent with a distance learner at home, bring ʻĀINA educational opportunities to your ʻohana by starting a home garden! Check out our How to Plant a Garden at Home blog and our ʻĀINA How-To's, which include one-sheets on How to Build a Raised Garden Bed, How to Test Your Garden Soil, How to Plant Seeds, and Practice Green Pest Management.