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ʻĀINA School Highlight: Keolu Elementary

October 31, 2020
When things get difficult, imagination and resilience provide a path forward. For this month’s ʻĀINA School Highlight we are celebrating the exceptional gardening work of Lynn, an Educational Assistant at Keolu Elementary School. Worried about students returning to school to empty garden beds, Lynn has been planting and maintaining several of the gardens with the small number of students who are currently on campus! Maintaining these crops of beets, cucumbers, eggplants, and okra help to maintain soil health in many ways:  
  • By tending the gardens and removing any growing weeds before they set seeds, weed pressure will be reduced next year!
  • Beneficial soil microbes live with the roots of our plants, by maintaining a continual rotation of diverse plants you encourage a vibrant and resilient microbiome that will long term boost your soil fertility!
  • And as always, the best fertilizer is a farmers shadow! Loving and observing your gardens will always be a benefit to your plants.


Mahalo to the many people maintaining their school gardens in these uncertain times! Your students and gardens will appreciate it when we are all able to return to school safely.