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Honolulu Museum of Art Cafes are the Newest Ocean Friendly Restaurants!

November 02, 2016”“>”“>The Honolulu Museum of Art has Cafes at the Spalding House and Beretania locations, and it also hosts a coffee bar at the Beretania location. All three cafes were certified as Ocean Friendly Restaurants this month, meaning that no styrofoam is used, only reusable tableware is used for customers dining in, and much more! There are now nearly 100 restaurants in Hawaiʻi that are certified Ocean Friendly Restaurants!”“>”“>The Honolulu Museum of Art has prioritized reduction in single-use plastics since the launch of the Plastic Fantastic? exhibit that was featured at Spalding House this year from February - October. Both museum locations now offer reusable metal straws for those dining in and go the extra mile to minimize plastics used for the cafes! Mahalo to the Honolulu Museum of Art for taking initiative and congratulations on the new Ocean Friendly Restaurant certifications at all three cafes!