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June Happenings for One World, One Ocean

June 01, 2020

Throughout June, there are several opportunities to learn about,
protect, and celebrate nature, from land to sea:

June 1: World Reef Day

World Reef Day is a day for all of us to reflect on the delicate ecosystem of our ocean’s coral reefs. Last year, the #WorldReefDay social media campaign reached over 5.5 million people who pledged to use reef-friendly sunscreen and reduce the use of single-use plastics that contribute to marine pollution. This year’s event will benefit three amazing non-profits Coral Gardeners, Surfrider Foundation, and Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea to support their ocean conservation and reef education efforts. 

Three simple things we can do to protect our reefs are: 

1. Use reef-safe sunscreen

2. Reduce single-use plastics

3. Spread the message


June 2: Makai Watch Information & Training with Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea

Fishing is a huge part of life here in Hawai‘i, but our resources are limited. Many of us want to do it right but it’s not always easy to know what the rules are - or we see someone not following the rules. Join us, along with representatives from DOCARE, as Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea offers a Spring Makai Watch training and information session on:


Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

5:00PM-7:00 p.m. via Zoom

To register, go to


They'll go over the rules specific to the Pūpūkea Marine Life Conservation District and rules pertaining to regulated species, sizes, limits, and gear for the rest of our shorelines. This is an informational session. You will be able to ask questions and speak with Makai Watch and DOCARE representatives. What is Lawai‘a Pono? Why do sizes and seasons matter? What do you do if you see someone fishing illegally? What don’t you do? Come learn how you can help protect our fragile near-shore resources!

June 5: World Environment Day 

In 1972, the UN General Assembly designated June 5th as World Environment Day. It has now developed into a global platform for raising awareness and taking action on urgent issues from plastic pollution and climate change to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. World Environment Day 2020 calls for urgent action to protect biodiversity. 


June 6: Eating Up Easter Film Talk Story

Have you watched Eating Up Easter? The film documents Easter Island’s modern indigenous community and how they have been transformed by the globalizing effects of tourism. Watch the film for free and register for the virtual talk story event taking place on Saturday June 6th at 3:00pm. Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation's Executive Director, Natalie McKinney will be on the panel discussing how we can all create a better future for Hawaiʻi!

June 8: World Oceans Day (with bonus days throughout the week!)

World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. On this day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our ocean!

  • June 6-7 is the World Oceans Day Youth-A-Thon! This 24-hour live stream provides a digital community for young people to learn more about conservation efforts around the world and encourage their peers to join the global movement to protect our shared blue planet. Register via this link

  • On June 13 tune-in to a 2 hour World Oceans Day celebration hosted by NOAA, Ko Olina and community partners. This free virtual event will feature musical performances, educational activities, and storytelling with special guests Kimi Werner, Mark Cunningham, and KHF’s Jaclyn Johnson sharing about their expedition into the Sargasso Sea researching microplastics as part of the story told in the film The Smog of the Sea.

June 20: International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day is a worldwide celebration of the sport of surfing! On International Surfing Day, take a moment to celebrate and care for the beaches and waves that we all love. If you’re able to visit your local beach, do a solo or family beach cleanup and share what you picke