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Oʻahu’s First Beach Cleanup Station

February 23, 2017


Oʻahu's first Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Beach Cleanup Station is now available for public use! The Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Beach Cleanup Station in Kailua creates opportunities for spontaneous beach cleanups. The Beach Cleanup Station is located at Kailua Beach Adventures and is a wooden box stocked with repurposed, reusable bags, and it provides a simple, community-generated solution to the ocean trash that lands on the shores of our islands. Anyone passing through is welcome to utilize the Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Beach Cleanup Station.

On February 8, fifth graders from St. Anthony's School in Kailua took part in the first beach cleanup using the Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Beach Cleanup Station, cleaning microplastics and other marine debris off of the beach.

The Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Beach Cleanup Station in Kailua was made possible through coordination by the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation's Plastic Free Hawaiʻi program with funding from the Johnson ʻOhana Foundation. Materials and tools were donated by Reuse Hawaiʻi and the HNL Tool Library. All One Ocean, a California-based nonprofit, created the Beach Cleanup Station concept, and has installed 35 Stations nationwide. All One Ocean has helped to install two other Beach Cleanup Stations at Hapuna Beach State Park on Hawaiʻi Island, which have been used by more than 10,000 people since their 2014 installation, and plans to install another Beach Cleanup Station in Hilo this year.