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Waste-Free Back to School Spirit

August 28, 2019

The start of a new school year marks a new beginning and a new chance to make this year the least wasteful yet! Those supply lists and back-to-school needs can feel overwhelming and stressful - especially when you are trying to be mindful. The good news is that small changes can have a huge impact on minimizing your carbon footprint. 

This school year, get educated on the many ways you can be as plastic free as possible! For ideas to help you reuse and reduce all school year long, check out our Plastic Free Hawaiʻi blog. There, we have suggestions for everything from back to school supply shopping, class parties, snack time, and carpooling. 

A gold star to all the hardworking educators and studious pupils greening their education working hard to reduce plastics at their schools:

  • ʻIolani School - Eliminating single-use plastics by adding in-classroom dishwashers for washing reusable utensils!
  • Le Jardin Academy - Switched to reusable serving trays and utensils in the cafeteria; Recipient of Water Filling Station after winning PFH Mural Contest. 
  • Sunset Beach Elementary School - BOY Fork Challenge and student-led campaigns to eliminate single-use plastics by installation of an on-site dishwasher and to encourage businesses in the community to eliminate plastic forks.

Interested in reducing single-use plastics in your school? Click here to sign up your school!

We are also excited to have Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Water Stations at Assets School, Hahaʻione Elementary School, and Kamalani Academy for upcoming school-wide events.

In the meantime, keep educating others by example. Bring your reusable water bottle to school every day and fill up at the water fountain. Use a lunch box for your food. Deliver your teacher’s school supplies in reusable bags (Just put your name on them that way you’ll get them back). And parents - we know you need your coffee for those early morning drop-offs. Be a waste-free role model by using your own to-go hot drink tumbler.

Visit our store for all the reusable essentials: Straws, Tumblers, Cups, Totes, and more!