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Go Green for Back to School

April 02, 2008

After a quick summer vacation, many of Hawai'i's students have already returned to classes. We hope you and your family will remember the environment this back-to-school season:


  • Map out safe routes for riding a bike or walking to school instead of driving. If walking and biking aren't options, carpool or ride the bus.
  • Purchase earth-friendly school supplies like recycled paper, refillable pens and pencils, and durable supplies that will last for several years. Check out and to buy online, or ask your local retailer to identify their recycled goods. Before buying new, ask which supplies from last year are still usable?
  • Pack waste-free lunches by using re-usable containers & utensils whole fruits that come in their own "wrapper", and cloth napkins. Reusable food and drink containers can be purchased online or locally at stores like Longs and Shirokiya. More info:;
  • Get involved in greening your school

Get more ideas at New American Dream and the Green Schools Initiative's websites.




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