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The Plastic Free Hawai’i Art Show

December 16, 2020

Come on down to the Kōkua General Store (66-249 Kamehameha Hwy) to check out KHF’s Plastic Free Hawai’i Art Show! The Plastic Free Hawai’i Art Show will be open to the public Friday December 18, Saturday December 19 and Sunday December 20 from 11:00am-3:00pm. The art show features beautiful, thought provoking art utilizing collected plastic from our oceans and beaches. Each piece is unique and sheds a different light on the plastic pollution crisis. A big mahalo to the four artists who contributed their work and use their art to educate and inspire! Do you know of an artist who creates art with plastic to promote awareness around plastic pollution? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

Mark Cunningham  
Mark Cunningham is a waterman and artist that gives new life to found objects. He repurposes the lost objects he finds from the sea to form beautiful patterns that make you question how these man made objects are ending up in the ocean. 

Stacey Garmshausen
Stacey Garmshasen uses marine debris that she collects, to create beautiful jewelry and unique pieces of art- like marine debris ornaments and plastic mobiles. It is her goal to raise awareness and startconversations about the global plastic pollution crisis overtaking our oceans and environment. She believes with awareness people can become wiser consumers. 

Ethan Estess
Ethan Estess is a scientist and artist that creates engaging art centered around the issue of derelict fishing gear and its harmful impacts on the marine environment. In Ethan ’s own words, his art “tells stories about environmental science topics, from marine plastic pollution to tuna conservation. My focus is on appealing to the basic emotions of the viewer such that they can understand the scientific concepts at play and internalize the gravity of humanity’s impact on the global ecosystem.” 


Jennifer Johnson 
Jennifer Johnson uses plastic she collects off of beaches to create art that highlights the vast amount of plastic polluting the ocean and environment. She uses plastic’s color schemes to playfully create beachscapes and oceanscapes that speak to the volume and severity of the plastic pollution crisis.




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