Plastic Free Hawaiʻi

Getting Started with Plastic Free Hawaiʻi

Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation’s Plastic Free Hawai‘i program provides resources, tools, and trainings to educate schools, business partners, and community members on the environmental and health benefits of going plastic free to minimize the consumption of single-use plastics in our islands.

How to Participate:
If you are interested in becoming a Plastic Free Hawai‘i School check out the Educators Resource Guide and Product Resource Guide, then fill out and submit the Plastic Free Hawai‘i Registration Form. As part of the Plastic Free Hawai‘i program you will be asked to follow these steps:

1. Select a goal:
• Use reusable bottles
• Use reusable shopping bags
• Pack a waste free lunch or snacks
• Choose your own – Many schools are already doing wonderful things or would like to focus on other ways to reduce single use plastic use on their campuses.

2. Form a team: Include teachers and students from all grade levels, plus parents and administrators as well.

3. Hatch a plan: Think about your goal and create a plan to put it into action. Devise step-by-step instructions that will chart your path for success.

4. Brand your effort: Create your own Plastic Free logo for your school by holding an art contest and making branded bottles and bags.

5. Spread the word: Create a video, posters, website and other outreach materials, plan an event or school assembly, do outreach at school dances, sports events or other locations.

6. Share your impact: Document and track the progress you make and report your findings. You can take photos, make a presentation or gather pre and post statistics and data. The possibilities are endless!

To signup, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or download Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Registration Form below.

Download Registration Form