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Teachers from Hawai’i public schools can apply for Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Project Grants to help advance their environmental education goals. Previous grantees have used KHF funds for garden supplies, eco-footprint workshops, vermicompost trainings, and more. One school has raised enough worms to start a commercial-scale vermicomposting bin for their campus food waste!

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Sunscreen Police


It’s no secret that Hawai'i has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. People flock to our beaches en masse. What many might not know is that their sunscreen is potentially damaging our precious reefs. Three teens from the Maui Huliau Foundation took to their beaches to educate beach-goers about the importance of what sunscreen they use, and the impact it has on not only our reefs, but our health as well. Through the Hawai'i Youth Sustainability Challenge grant, Christine Davis, Kiana Liu, and Taylor Redman were able to host sunscreen education stations on Maui beaches. They reached over 300 beachgoers, both locals and tourists, by handing out tins of reef-safe sunscreen and information cards. They also took the time to explain the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, that are found in the average sunscreen. “The biggest highlight was seeing the impact these students made on the community. The visitors were intrigued on learning and helping, and the locals were stoked they were sharing the message,” said advisor Kiera Ryon.