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Teachers from Hawai’i public schools can apply for Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Project Grants to help advance their environmental education goals. Previous grantees have used KHF funds for garden supplies, eco-footprint workshops, vermicompost trainings, and more. One school has raised enough worms to start a commercial-scale vermicomposting bin for their campus food waste!

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The Fork Project

ʻIolani School, Honolulu

ʻIolani School seniors worked with 2nd graders at their school to implement a reusable fork pilot program. They started with the purchase of metal forks for the 2nd graders who transported the forks to and from the cafeteria from their classroom, hand washed and sanitized them daily. Compact dishwashers were then purchased making the daily routine of washing forks quicker and easier for the young students. Over 17,000 bio-compostable forks were offset through this project in 6 months and the 2nd grade students enthusiastically convinced grades K, 1, and 3 to make the switch to reusable metal forks for the 2018-19 school year!